RASANTEK Gold-plated 6.5mm male to 6.5mm male low noise microphone cable audio adapter aux cable
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RASANTEK Gold-plated 6.5mm male to 6.5mm male high grade low noise microphone cable audio adapter aux cable

Product Description


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Product name aux audio cable
Color Black
Brand name RASANTEK
Application Computer MP3 MP4 Cellphone DVD Car Auxiliary

 The various terminals on the equipment and the horn are important links for maintaining the continuous transmission of sound signals. Just as there are many well-known brands in advanced audio equipment, many manufacturers have focused their efforts on the development of terminals for advanced audio, focusing on providing more. Good sound quality of all types of terminals. However, in this regard, RASANTEK from China is undoubtedly one of the best, and many well-known audio manufacturers will also use RASANTEK terminals as one of the selling points of the products. Mr. JIANLONG TIAN is the senior sales manager of RASANTEK. According to him, RASANTEK is the first manufacturer in China to manufacture all kinds of terminals with Hi-End spirit. Since 1999, it has started to produce RCA plugs with innovative design. The large Hi-FI audio manufacturers that are familiar to enthusiasts are long-term customers of RASANTEK. 



The brand of RASANTEK has been immersed in this field for 20 years, which makes RASANTEK have a deeper understanding of how to make the function of the audio connection terminal to a higher level. The banana plug that can be locked with a single piece of pure copper is almost an audio-visual and widely used product. RASANTEK's product features include a number of RASANTEK's patented designs to ensure the perfect transmission of sound, while using high-purity copper and multi-layered gold-plated anti-corrosion treatment. Mr. JIANLONG TIAN said that all of RASANTEK's products are designed and manufactured in the world's state-of-the-art precision and excellent Chinese factories, and they are guaranteed to ensure consistent product quality, while extremely precise manufacturing equipment ensures terminal connections. In a better state. RASANTEK's products are all certified by the European Union "CE" and the international electrical standard "IEC-65", and are accompanied by the RASANTEK original independent serial number.

Now RASANTEK's main product is the carbon fiber series launched in 2013. Its design concept is very unique. It is different from the previous pursuit of thick materials for terminals. Instead, it minimizes the unnecessary volume and conductive contact area of the conductor. It can be said that it completely reverses the previous design. People who have seen carbon fiber terminals may be impressed because the outer casing of the carbon fiber terminal is made of carbon fiber tube with few metal parts to reduce signal reflection and eddy current. Mr. JIANLONG TIAN said that this design is not designed to reduce costs and cut corners, because the structure of the new carbon fiber series is much more complicated than the pure copper turning in the past, and the cost of the conductor material reduced by the material is quite limited. RASANTEK is the only one pursued. Only better sound performance. The carbon fiber series adopts the standard 75 ohm design, with complete bandwidth performance and excellent conductivity. It can faithfully convey 1 GHz high frequency audio and reduce the attenuation of this part of the audio signal to reach the Topline quality level. The difference between RASANTEK's different series of products lies in the difference in conductor purity and manufacturing process. Use 59% national standard copper and 99.7% red copper, three-layer plating treatment and 5/100mm production precision, or use more than 58% lead-free copper and 99.7% red copper, five-layer plating And 2/100mm production accuracy.



PVC pallets ensure the safety and integrity of our products. We guarantee that every product has undergone strict quality control before shipment, and there will be no defective products.

Company Information


Shenzhen RASANTEK Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. began technology research and development in 2000. We have dozens of technical R & D persons, with a strong technical R & D strength. We are privately owned enterprise incorporating the independent R & D, design, production, sales of digital accessories, audio and video plug and other products. We implement the ISO9001 quality management system strictly. Multiple advanced computer CNC equipment, automatic lathes and precision testing equipment, to ensure the product's quality. Meanwhile . Our Company has 6000 square meters of production plant, 3000 square meters of dormitory, and a staff of more than 500 persons . We have developed and produced related products for many major brands in Europe and the United States. After more than 10 years of deep cultivation and stable development, it has accumulated a good reputation in the markets of Asia, Europe and the United States.
After ten years of stability and development , we have won a good reputation in Asia, Europe and the United States market .
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