Vacuum Tube HiFi Intergrated power Amplifier bluetooth speaker
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Full metal case, decode lossless music, enhance wireless Bluetooth

Tube tube amplifier with face value

The biliary refers to the electron tube. The tube is added to the speaker. It is mainly used to polish the sound quality. It uses the unique "biliary smell" of the tube. After the touch, it has a warm and audible sense of hearing, a good musical sense, a good sound field range, and a sense of hearing. Sweet and soft, natural and delicate. The dynamic range of the electron tube is large, the linearity is good, and the warmth of life is suitable for listening to warm lyric types and piano music, which is unmatched by ordinary traditional speakers.

Electronic tube, taking into account the beauty of rigid and soft

After the tube is polished, it has the characteristics of warmth and softness in the middle and low frequency, sweet and beautiful, and outstanding vocals. Dynamic, fast, and high-frequency advantages, highlighting the advantages of both sound processing

Restore the truth and listen to the sound of the scene

Yellow roses are warm and thick, sweet and touching


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After ten years of stability and development , we have won a good reputation in Asia, Europe and the United States market .
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